The ICAAC Young Investigator Award during the 49th Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial ASM Agents and Chemotherapy, September 12-15, will be presented in 2009 in San Francisco, CA. ASM is the world oldest and largest life science companies and has more than 43,000 members worldwide. ASM has the task of promoting the microbiological sciences and the use of of scientific knowledge for improved health, economic and environmental well-being.

It is a great opportunity for expanding cancer research for the benefit of Utah residents as well as major scientific contributions, says Geraldine Mineau, director of the Pedigree and Population Resource in HCI. We now have one of the richest resources in the world to do research on the, she says.T warn: If you are simvastatin Take To Cholesterol Control, Watch Out For infectionsto help of simvastatin to control us could our cholesterol levels but when it to the infection will, it is a totally different story, to a new study in the Journal of leucocyte published Biology (In the research report, researchers from Italy shows that simvastatin provides a 1-2 punch in the immune system. Initially affecting the ability specialized immune cell called order to destroy pathogens to destroy pathogens. Then the production of molecules improving, called cytokines resolve solve and maintain infection.

Results revealed that treated significantly in the significantly in the removal of the virus and the related cell detritus and killing which ingested bacteria in comparison to untreated cells affected. Additionally, the cells treated manufactures higher volumes of cytokines which responsible for the initiation and maintained inflammatory The same experiment carried out utilizing using mouse models with similar results. – ‘the statins Life Savers but it would room for improvement, John said Wherry, Deputy Editor of of Journal of Leukocyte Biology.