Other PQM activities include organizing and conducting workshops on good manufacturing practices and other issues, and the delivery of critical laboratory equipment, supplies and training on proper use and maintenance of equipment for the National Health Product Quality Control Center.. The PQM program has been active in Cambodia, Since 2003 the technical assistance for the establishment and continued a market monitoring program tracking the quality of malaria, tuberculosis – strengthening, antibiotic and anti-retroviral drugs for the citizens.

Web sites have been created to provide information on the ASCI and Magrit trial sites for patients, their families and health professionals for more information, please visit:.Investigate the Avastin Case Study one of the workshops instead of as part of optimization clinical development in oncology conferencing. Lineup the study of new trial design approaches, efficient use of biomarkers and the recruitment of patients strategies to oncology clinical developing and faster to drive to the market. 18 experts from the industry, which include in March meet in London:.

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