Non – invasive measurements of tricuspid Anatomy Can severity of valve leakage PredictAn estimated 1 .6 million Americans suffer moderate to severe leakage through their tricuspid valve the the complex structures that the blood to flow from the heart of the upper right chamber to the ventricle is. If left untreated, can lead to serious leaks affect the quality of life and can even lead to death.

Yoganathan and recent Coulter Department doctoral graduate Erin Spinner coupled with Stamatios Lerakis, Professor of Medicine , Radiology and Imaging Sciences at Emory University, to collect non – invasive 3-D echocardiograms of 64 individuals who exhibited varying degrees of tricuspid valve leakage. Themes included 20 people with trace , 13 with mild , 17 as moderate and 14 with heavy . Tricuspid the subjects with mild to severe leakage showed a mixture of isolated right separated the left and right and left ventricular dilation.

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