The drug is expected that in the United States in late January 2005, it is injected into the fluid around the spinal cord by external or implanted pumps. McIntosh now directs research in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center, and treats adolescents and adults, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder depression) and obsessive-compulsive disorder à vendre . – University of Utah Public Relations 201 S Presidents Circle, Room 308 Salt Lake City, Utah 84017 581-6773 Fax: 585-3350.


The results of studies indicate that 90 percent or more of patients have been treated with Lucentis maintained vision wet AMD, loss a loss is less than 15 letters on visual acuity in study eye chart. Moreover view to 40 percent of the patients improvement of as the vision with a gain factor 15 or more is defined characters of visual acuity. Visual acuity relating to the human capacity fine details of fine detail or small spacings with the eye. The MARINA results demonstrated that vision of benefits derived for the first year the study with continued treatment in the for the second year of study were retained. – indicated After years of strict clinical studies, Lucentis the first treatment vision of on average to improve in patients with wet AMD – an unparalleled outcome in which ophthalmic community, said Dr. G# le Soubrane , professor of ophthalmology at which? University of Paris XII, Cr? In addition to the clinical usefulness, these studies show destroys the macula. Be well tolerated. Two year two-year data exhibit favorable ocular and systemic safety my Profile, including prices arterial thromboembolic events across all treatment groups in all treatment groups. – AMD is a degenerative ophthalmic disorder that affects that macular – the key of the retina at the rear responsible for responsible for the straight ahead center vision, which is for everyday activities such reading, driving, term measurement or identification face.