Using the biomarkers studied by the group, pharmaceutical companies will now able to identify the people with mild symptoms at the highest risk for the development of Alzheimer’s run for a period of ten years. These people can then have the option of participating in trials for new drugs are available, while those Later risk of developing the disease run need not be involved. A new study of this kind is already under way, on the basis of earlier study of the Hansson group..

Only then it will be really earlier to identify patients earlier than is currently possible.. The 90 % accuracy of the risk markers means that they are not sufficient, as the only method for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. But if with with clinical judgment and as imaging of the blood flow in the brain, it should be possible the accuracy the accuracy, according to Oskar Hansson. However, this is drugs if drugs which have been developed effective in slowing the disease.But both of men and women generally non select your 911 pectoris for the symptoms of instable angina – unexplained chest pains which not go away with tranquility, and even worse. The pain is due reduced blood to the heart, coming signal an impending cardiac infarction.

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