The researchers believe that the effect also depends on the activity of overexpressed cyclin D1 gene, a cancer-causing gene in about half of all breast cancers. Using a mouse model of premalignant growth in mice lacking cyclin D1 gene but Cav-1 – which worsens the condition – added the researchers Cav-1 and found it completely represses the phenotype, it can suppress the the causes cancer, but also the preliminary condition CyclinD1 upregulation treatments . .

Born – People’s Republic of ChinaMedical Degree – University of Western Ontario, Canada1978 – launched Department of Health1994. Director of Health of Hong Kong launched new services to prevent the spread of the disease and better health improve Introduced new initiatives on communicable disease surveillance and response Effectively manages outbreaks of SARS and avian influenza .


Ruby studies generally pediatric investigation brain cancer growth. His colleague and co-author David H. Gutmann, Donald O. Schnuck Family Professor of Neurology is dedicated to LF1 research and leads to University of instead Neurofibromatose Centre, in which research.


The world maternal mortality meet slowly decreasing Millennium Development Goals 5 which reducing the number of target women in pregnant and during the birth dying by three-quarters by 2015.