ACOG credits the President and House and Senate Democratic leaders for including many critical elements of ACOG Health Care for Women, Health Care for All campaign, which will greatly improve the health of women, including guaranteed maternity coverage, eliminating pre-existing coverage exclusions for women who are pregnant, have been a c-section, or are the victims of domestic violence, the elimination gender rating that causes women to pay more than men for the same insurance, to essentialdinated care for women and ensuring direct access to OB-GYNs and to expand family planning for low-income women, and access to life-saving screening tests including mammography and Pap tests.

Under-insurance Of Health Care Reform, U.S.The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has long a supporter of comprehensive healthcare reform and this week ‘s production is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care for America Act extends health insurance coverage to additional 32 million Americans. ‘OB-GYNs see first-hand the devastating effects that the lack of health insurance or under-insurance to our patients,’said ACOG President Gerald F.The New York Times on the Sunday studied a new Korean policies on the promotion pairs of aimed to to have more children, after several decades of promotion of smaller families. Help to 2004 , South Korea the National Health Plan vasectomies and tubal ligation pay paid , the number of kids two or lesser but the plan now covers Get reverse A method of operating and features nursing care for a few the third or fourth child. And social transformation and social change worrying low fertility rates in Korea and some other Asian countries created, and the rural areas were particularly hard hit, according which Times.