Studies also show the vaccine is definitely 85-90 % effective, reducing the spread of the infections dramatically. The vaccine can be delivered through a shot or a nasal spray. The nasal mist is available only for people in good wellness between ages 2 and 49. Women who have the nasal mist must not be pregnant. The vaccine will not cause influenza illness, unlike popular myth. The viruses contained in the vaccines are inactivated, killed or weakened during the manufacturing process, meaning they cannot cause infection. The most common side effect of the flu shot is usually soreness in the arm where in fact the shot is provided and of the nasal mist is certainly a runny nasal area.Some will feel a great sense of power and competence which may be linked to the delusion or false sense of grandeur, known as cocainomania. There may be talkativeness, good humor, and laughing. Dilated pupils, nausea, vomiting, headache, or vertigo can be physiological ramifications of cocaine. With or even without increased levels of coke, these can progress to excitement, flightiness, emotional instability, restlessness, irritability, apprehension, inability to sit still, cold sweats, tremors, twitching of small muscles , and muscle jerks.