They initial utilized a microscope to look through the lenses of the two eyes detailed in the research article. They saw how the zoom lens could make another image grow sharper – something that could just happen with a bifocal. It was my first research project, and I believed I made a mistake seriously, and we did additional research to try to kill the hypothesis then, says Stowasser. However, their results were confirmed with more research furthermore to observing the operation of the zoom lens and both focal planes via a microscope.Health Arkansas 12-year-previous in vital condition from ‘brain-consuming’ amoeba Arkansas 12-year-older Kali Hardig is certainly in essential condition and battling a rare infection due to the ‘brain-consuming’ amoeba Naegleria fowleri. KT. PAM is caused by the Naegleria fowleri amoeba, a found microbe that lives in freshwater and soil commonly. The amoeba is only dangerous if it enters through the nasal area and makes its way to the brain. There, it could cause an infection which makes the mind swell called meningitis. Death generally occurs around five times after the first symptoms of symptoms occur in 99 % of instances, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports.