In addition, we have noticed that metastatic cell lines likewise have increased protein content material per exosome. Therefore, knowing the amount of exosomes was a definitive and necessary part of our reseach. Before this ongoing work, we were only following qualitative adjustments in exosomes. Now we are able to make quantitative analyses using Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis technology. It has faciliated our recent research work.’ ‘Prior to using NTA, Exosome size was being measured by me by electron microscopy. There was no other technique obtainable. The new technology allows us to analyze millions of contaminants, particle by particle, in minutes giving not only numbers but people distribution also. Although the measurement of the size of the particles is not as accurate as the electron microscopy, NTA does allow us to process a large number of samples in a short time period.’ To find out more about NanoSight also to find out about particle characterization using the company's unique nanoparticle tracking analysis instruments, check out and register to receive the next problem of NanoTrail, the company's electronic newsletter.Despite efforts by BARI to gag their problems to the press, a press conference happened to permit those farmers an opportunity to articulate their grievances. The press conference was structured by Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association, Unnayan Bikalper Nitinirdharoni Gobeshona , Customers Association of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Organic Product Producers Association, Bangladesh Fruits, Vegetables and Allied Items Exporters Association and seven other organizations. [4] Opinion: Why don’t anti-GMO activists start organizing American farmers who’ve suffered from Monsanto’s dirty methods that are legally tolerated? We have to unite with disgruntled commercial farmers and struggling small farm organic suppliers.