The lack of oxygen and nutrition causes damage to that area of the body, and the harm causes pain. Pain from poor circulation may be treated by surgery to bypass the clogged arteries with artificial arteries to be able to improve the blood circulation. This is simply not possible Sometimes, and bloodstream opioids or thinners could be had a need to control the pain. Another common cause of poor circulation is normally reflex sympathetic dystrophy , also known as complex regional discomfort syndrome .Importantly, the analysis also found a strong association between IIH and increasing weight class: extremely obese adolescents were 16 times much more likely than regular weight children to have IIH; moderately obese children, 6 times much more likely; and obese children, 3.5 times more likely. Related StoriesAustralian experts define key characteristics of metabolically healthy obeseResearchers find rise in state-level obesity-related healthcare costsPoverty and parenting style predict childhood obesity’Childhood obesity has once again been proven to be connected with a significant disease,’ said study lead author Sonu M.