People keep wrong perception that working out more and spending more time in gym helps to maintain an ideal shape and health but it is not therefore. Regular exercise is essential but along with healthful foods enriched with proteins, vitamins, minerals and required nutrition’s to keep our body billed throughout with instant energy. Nowadays, people have started dropping prey to little ailments such as for example cold, cough, stomach attacks and many more. The cause for this is lack inside our body immunity because of which our body is not able to fight back small complications. Low immunity provides birth to sluggishness and exhaustion which makes us lazy and separated from focus and dedication in any work, due to which we feel sleepy and lethargic all of the right time.Another early indication of Alzheimer’s disease in extremely functional people with Down syndrome is the inability to execute job duties. Visual problems can form in the early levels of Alzheimer’s disease. Because of these visual problems combined with the cognitive and memory deficits, people with Down syndrome: will get lost in familiar environments, may not be in a position to perform certain activities, may have incidents and falls, and may have a problem learning new tasks.