The Center for Health Sciences prepares college students for work in inpatient, research and ambulatory settings. A Medical Laboratory Technician is engaged in the collection, handling, digesting and evaluation of body fluids, tissues and cells for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The technician’s role of providing laboratory info is vital for the detection, medical diagnosis, and treatment of individual diseases. Phlebotomists are trained to collect specimens for laboratory testing utilized to diagnose and treat diseases.. Center for Health Sciences to provide certificate program in Phlebotomy In October Beginning, the Graduate School’s new Middle for Health Sciences will offer you a Medical Laboratory Specialist, Associate of Applied Research level and a certificate system in Phlebotomy.Using an optical eye tracking device, the researchers discovered that people spent the most period looking at the make of the merchandise and significantly less period searching at the tamper-evident and child-resistant warnings. Research individuals also recalled the make of the products at an increased rate. While two-thirds recalled a number of brands that they seen during the study, just 18 % recalled warnings linked to alcohol and 8.2 % recalled that the merchandise was not to be utilized in households with small children.