The fundraiser will raise support and money for a cure also to address the challenges of everyone, like Schumer, suffering from MS. Schumer and Apatow describe everything in a release video at A $10 donation gets participants 1 access for the grand prize; a $25 donation gets individuals 3 entries and a digital thank you from TrainWreck director Judd Apatow; and a $50 donation gets participants 7 entries and a digital many thanks from Judd Apatow and also a raise your voice on Twitter from Amy Schumer. The premiere contest follows a previous charitable endeavor framed around the film aswell.Cooke, Jonathan Cox, Chris Drakeley ; Brandyce St. Laurent, Neil F. Lobo ; Samuel C. Kahindi, Robin M. Oriango ; Ralph E. Harbach . DOI: 1 Figures from Capsaicin drives prostate malignancy cells to kill themselves Capsaicin, the stuff that turns up heat in jalapeqos, not only causes the tongue to burn, it drives prostate malignancy cells to kill themselves also, according to studies published in the March 15 issue of Cancer Research.