In addition, it provides an open system for custom made analytics and reporting advancement while enforcing security settings. ‘Historically, the costs connected with capturing data, washing it up, enriching it and providing it in a typical format have produced reporting and analytics very costly for healthcare organizations,’ stated Anand Shroff, Vice President of Items at Axolotl. ‘Elysium Discover leverages the initial capability of HIEs to get and deliver top quality data from a number of resources. The result may be the industry’s first reporting and analytics system built particularly to meet up the demands of HIEs while leveraging their strengths.’ ‘Elysium Discover may be the first within an evolution of wellness quality reporting and measurement equipment for HIEs from Axolotl,’ stated Glenn Keet, President of Axolotl.Up to twenty five % of lumpectomies need a second surgery to excise the complete tumor. The UCSD group is working on a better method for tagging tumors which should reduce the need for follow-up surgeries. The researchers developed iron-doped – and for that reason biodegradable – silica micro/nano spheres for implanting in to the body as ultrasound contrast markers to guide a cosmetic surgeon using ultrasound during breasts lumpectomy. Additionally, the contaminants can also be used to destroy tumor tissue with high intensity focused ultrasound ablative therapy, a strategy used elsewhere in the global world to take care of prostate cancer and found in the U.S.