Area around Fukushima is now a radioactive wasteland that will be uninhabitable for decades A international correspondent whose career includes traveling to dangerous regions all over the world has called the region around Fukushima, Japan, probably the most hopeless locations he has ever visited, likening it to a post apocalyptic ghost town. I’ve noticed abandoned villages before; most times there is a feeling of finality to them, writes Arglit Boonyai, web host of the weekly Channel NewsAsia show Risk Zone. It really is as though the town’s time is normally up and the people have shifted generic tadora . Fukushima is nothing like that. It’s like time just stopped. Danger Zone is a present about Boonyai’s visits to some of the world’s most dangerous places to be able to try to understand of how common people cope with living there.

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Switch off gas and water supplies before you evacuate and make sure structurally unstable building components are secured. It is also great practice to keep a fire extinguisher and make sure your family knows where it really is and how to use it. Have your important documents handy including insurance policies, wills, licenses, shares and important medical papers that you might need to get in a pinch. In addition to important paperwork, the CDC recommends you stock your home with emergency supplies. They are: Many clean containers of water, large enough for a three-to-five time supply – – about five gallons per person A way to obtain nonperishable foods that can last up to five times.