The tumor can now access the nutrients within the host’s circulating blood and can after that grow unchecked. ‘Essentially, these stromal cells exploit the normal wound healing process to advantage the tumor opportunistically,’ says Weinberg. Recently, scientists have focused on angiogenesis as a target for therapeutics, with some success. ‘These results are one portion of the larger angiogenesis picture,’ says Weinberg. ‘They lend precision and specificity compared to that overall scheme.’ Orimo now plans to further investigate this technique by disturbing the interactions between the stromal cells and the malignancy cells, work that may yield fresh therapeutic insights..Having a lot more than 20 male partners in one’s lifetime doubled the chance of prostate cancer, compared to men who by no means slept with another man. Parent mentioned, though, that the results concerning gay sex weren’t statistically significant and certainly need further research. The brand new research, released Oct. 28 in the journal Malignancy Epidemiology, is part of a larger effort by Parent and her co-workers to examine the possible causes of prostate malignancy. ‘We’re asking questions about all you can think of under the sunlight,’ she said. ‘This is only one segment out of many, many others that we are investigating.’ Is man design baldness an early warning sign of prostate malignancy?For the study, more than 3,200 guys in the Montreal area responded to a comprehensive questionnaire that covered many aspects of their lives, including their sex life.