Dermoscopy exposed a light tan lesion with a prominent broad pigment network shaped by many oval to circular flesh-coloured spaces . A central dark hair could possibly be seen in some of the spaces. Pores and skin biopsy showed that the epidermis had wide, pigmented, club-formed epidermal ridges adjacent to hair follicles . There was no nested or junctional melanocytic proliferation.. An irregular, dappled, pigmented patch The follicular orifices on the face create a pigment pseudo-network that differs from the network seen at other sites, where a well developed epidermal rete ridge system is connected with a fine diameter mesh.Additional industry experts agree that the study isn’t definitive and claim that those who got calcium from their diet might have also taken in more vitamin D from milk, which would assist in calcium absorption. They say the estrogen connection may be explained by the possibility that plants were eaten which contain even more of the hormone. Dairy foods and calcium-fortified orange juice are excellent resources of calcium along with dark green, leafy vegetables nonetheless it is not as readily absorbed as calcium from dairy. The scholarly study is published in the American Journal of Clinical Nourishment.

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