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Drug dependent and store it – New Global Report of the International AIDS Society launched Recommends a new paradigm for the treatment of IDUs who.

The report argues that it is now recognized that a punitive approach to the creation of incubators for HIV, HCV and TB in prisons leads.’We’ve witnessed this week in Vienna to what is an all too familiar story: the unacceptable criminalization and stigmatization of a group of people, in this case, people who inject drugs, ‘said Montaner. ‘As a result of repressive drug policies and frankly, appalling health policy in many parts of Eastern Europe are the people who inject drugs now the burden of the HIV epidemic that shows all the signs of movement in the general public. ‘On the other hand we have some successes in the region, the hope of scientists, researchers and policy makers, the fight against HIV and injecting drug use listened giving based engage to sound science empirical evidence along the suggested suggested in the report have have published today, ‘concluded Montaner.. Continue reading

The study presented at AAD was a single-center.

The study presented at AAD was a single-center, double – blind, placebo – controlled, randomized pilot study from 12 healthy volunteers. Each patient received an injection of Botox on one side her forehead, an injection of Dysport on the other side of her forehead , Dysport ), and one injection of preservative-free saline in the middle of of its forehead. All injections were stained with the same volume and then to induce sweating forehead, she is involved in 30 minutes of physical.

This proportion increased from 47.5 % in 1999 to just over 53 % in 2003. Meanwhile, the proportion of Americans buying generic prescription medicines essentially flat, with no significant change. Continue reading