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About the book: It is not Your Fault by Emanuel Barling and Ashley F. RN ISBN: 978-1-4327-6664-1 Publisher: Outskirts Press publish date: Dec 20, 2010 Pages: 228 RRP: $ 29.95About the authors:Emanuel Barling, is a retired lawyer, author and a businessman survives ravages of malignant colorectal cancer, Crohn’s disease and IBD. Like so many others he has his weight and obesity by prescription drugs, food allergies and intolerances on the chemicals in the packaged goods in the stores, restaurants and fast food. Struggling chain stores found cause He spent 13 years researching this book. Continue reading

After the catheter reaches the liver.

After the catheter reaches the liver, the physician was able to locate measure measure PDV PDV by injecting a dye while viewing through a X-ray camera. Justino then used a net-like closure device through the catheter, thereby. Liver filling large abnormal vein The new device now blocks the shortcut channel through the liver. Soon tissue around the net and around the net and a complete closure. – This is an excellent example of cooperation between medical services, said Dr. Saul Karpen, director, Texas Children’s Liver Center and associate professor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine. Sammy’s ultrasound of the liver looks spectacular, and his now – normal ammonia levels are the lowest they have ever been in his life.

Similar cardiologist performs rare liver catheter intervention on teenAn innovative catheterization, a pediatric cardiologist at Texas Children’s Heart Center in Houston repaired a severe liver condition in a 14 – year-old male. The doctor uses a catheter and septal closure device that is generally used in order to close holes in the hearts of the child. Similar procedures six times six times in the medical literature. But this is the first time the with this device. With this device. Continue reading